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Vacuum Excavators - Types of Excavators


Vacuum excavators have long been the workhorse of construction and excavation. They have been used for everything from mining ore out of the earth to removing debris from an old building. Over time, they have developed many different technologies, but their most important component remains the same. That is the vacuum design.


There are many types of vacuum excavators, depending on how the truck is being used. Most of them use a boom lift that has either inflatable tires or solid tires on the tracks to steer the excavator. These trucks also usually have one or two hydraulically operated bucket extensions that are driven by a chain, with the bucket acting as a vacuum and sucking up debris and other material. These bucket extensions are usually referred to as lances and can extend in various ways, depending on the application.


There are a few different technologies in today's vacuum excavators that make them unique. One such technology is the positive displacement blower. A positive displacement blower uses a high-pressure fan system to increase the air pressure that the bucket creates. This increases the vacuum that is created along with a significant increase in the speed of the excavator. You may read more of this here.


Another unique technology in modern vacuum excavators is the air vacuum shovel. This vacuum excavators features a scoop that has a scoop attached to the bottom that can be raised into the air to assist in the excavation process. This allows the operator to access difficult areas that would be too hard to reach with a standard shovel. The air scoop also has a positive displacement blower to assist in lifting any debris or materials that might be too heavy for the bucket.


For many years, backhoes were the only type of power vacuum excavator that was available on the market. Backhoes are the only types of vacuum excavators that have a scoop that can be lifted into the air. They are not capable of digging very deep wells and digging over obstacles. They are not equipped with a positive displacement blower and are limited when it comes to things like sand and dirt. Digging ditches and carrying gravel requires a different set of skills than digging up an entire field.


Today, there are many new additions to the line of vacuum excavators that have been designed specifically for industries that use them. One such innovation is the suction excavators. Suction excavators are vacuum excavators that use suction to draw materials or other items from the ground. The suction that the suction excavators use comes from the air that is present as a byproduct of the excavating process. These types of excavators are most commonly used in the landscaping industry and in mining applications. See post, visit https://www.britannica.com/technology/excavating-machine.